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A Carajillo is a Spanish drink that consists of espresso and liquor, usually brandy or rum. The coffee is made by combining espresso with the alcoholic beverage and serving it either hot or cold. The drink is popular in Spain and Latin America and is often enjoyed as an after-dinner drink or as a pick-me-up in the morning.

The word “carajillo” comes from the Spanish word “coraje,” which means “courage.” It is said that the drink was created during the Spanish colonial period, when Spanish soldiers in Cuba would add liquor to their coffee to give them courage before battle. Today, carajillo has become a beloved beverage and is often served in bars and cafes throughout Spain and Latin America.


      • 2 oz. Licor 43
      • Shot of Espresso


        1. Pour Licor 43 over ice in a Brandy snifter or rocks glass
        2. Top with a shot of espresso and stir for a few seconds 

      Make it

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