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A Mimosa is a classic breakfast cocktail that is enjoyed during brunches. It is a simple blend of two ingredients: orange juice and champagne. The drink is named after the mimosa flower, which has a bright, sunny and refreshing vibe, just like the drink.

This bubbly cocktail is perfect for celebratory occasions, brunches, or even as a midday pick-me-up. The tangy and sweet orange juice complements the effervescence of champagne. With a delightfully fruity aroma and a lovely light golden colour, it is served in a glass of your choice with either a slice of orange for garnish or some strawberries to give it an extra pop of flavour. Whether you’re chilling at home alone or hosting a small gathering, a Mimosa is an easy-to-make and always a hit choice.


      • Sparkling Wine or Champagne
      • 2 oz. Fresh Orange Juice


        • Orange Slice


          1. Pour fresh orange juice into a champagne flute
          2. Top with sparkling wine or champagne
          3. Garnish with orange slice

        Make it

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