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When it comes to serving cocktails, the right glassware can make all the difference. If you’re new to bartending or hosting events, it can be overwhelming to figure out which glass to use for each drink. In this guide, we’ll break down all of the glasses that we used to make the cocktails featured on our page.

Similar to the martini glass, the Nick & Nora glass has a wider mouth and a shorter stem. It’s named after the characters in the Thin Man series and is great for serving stirred cocktails.
Also known as an Old Fashioned glass, this short tumbler is perfect for serving spirits on the rocks or mixed drinks. It’s a staple in any home bar.

This classic glass features a cone-shaped bowl with a stem. It’s perfect for serving martinis, but can also be used for Manhattans and other sipping cocktails.

The coup glass has a wide, shallow bowl and a short stem. It’s versatile and can be used for everything from champagne cocktails to daiquiris.

This tall, metal cup is traditionally used for serving mint juleps, but can also be used for other cocktails or as a decoration.

This glass mug is perfect for hot drinks like Irish coffee, but can also be used for cold drinks like milkshakes.

The copper mug is a must-have for serving Moscow Mules. The metal keeps the drink cold and adds a unique touch to your presentation.

This modern glass is perfect for serving wine or cocktails. It’s sturdier than traditional wine glasses and won’t break as easily.

This tall, curved glass is perfect for tropical drinks like Hurricanes, but can also be used for margaritas and other tropical cocktails.

The balloon-shaped bowl of the brandy glass is great for swirling and releasing the aromas of brandy or cognac.

Similar to the brandy glass, but with a shorter stem and wider bowl. It’s perfect for warming your hands while sipping a hot toddy, or enjoying an iced beverage like a Carajillo or an Absinthe Frappé.

This tall, narrow glass is perfect for serving tall cocktails like Tom Collins or mojitos.

This elegant glass is designed to showcase the bubbles in champagne or sparkling wine. It’s also great for serving cocktails with fizzy mixers.

This nostalgic glass is perfect for serving milkshakes, but can also be used for smoothies or cocktails. We use it for our Mudslide and it works wonderfully.

In conclusion, having a variety of bar glasses on hand will allow you to serve a variety of drinks with style. Remember to choose the right glassware based on the drink being served and always have fun experimenting with new cocktails!

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